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      Our Story

      About the Farm

      Lunaria Flower Farm

      Lunaria Flower Farm is situated on the California coast in Pescadero, CA on unceded Awaswas territory. The farm was created in the Winter of 2019 to provide high quality flower medicine to the Greater Bay Area community.

      Flower medicine is exactly what it sounds like; flowers that have medicinal value. To me, medicinal value means more than what we think of when it comes to Western medicine. Flower medicine can be used to prevent and treat illness, shift our energy and vibration, uplift and soothe our emotions and deepen our connection to the earth. I hope to share the power, knowledge, beauty and magic of flowers with our offerings at Lunaria Flower Farm.

      I am growing over 50 different varieties - including flowers from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Western Herbalism and fresh and dried ornamentals; many highlight the permaculture concept of stacking functions by crossing over through these different categories. The farm offers cut flowers, fresh and dried bulk medicinal herbs and herbal tea packs, and everlasting dried flower wreaths and bouquets. While the farm is not certified organic, I use organic growing practices for the health of the soil, plants and people. 

      The flowers of the farm are interplanted with our friends at Brisa Ranch fruits and vegetables to create a diversified field full of beneficial insects and pollinators, food and medicine - without this collaboration, the farm would not be possible! Through farming and community building, Lunaria Flower Farm strives to contribute to our collective healing in both the physical and spiritual realms. 

      About The Farmer 

      About the farmer

      I am a first generation Chinese American, born and raised in the East Bay, California. My background is in organic, biodynamic and permaculture farming practices. I started Lunaria Flower Farm to take my knowledge and skills of growing flowers to also cultivate medicine and bring it out to my greater community. Seeing a white dominated lens in Western Herbalism pushed me to seek out more knowledge of my ancestral medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Growing Chinese herbs not only connects me to my heritage and identity, but is also critical to counter the concerning growing practices of medicinal herbs sourced from China. Building a relationship with land, plants and community is what motivates me to continue farming. 

      Why Lunaria?

      Lunaria, in Latin means moon-like, is also referred to as honesty, money plant, silver dollar, Chinese dollar plant because of its round, clear seed pods. The farm honors the cycles of the moon and the earth, the Chinese values of abundance and prosperity as well as honesty and communication in all aspects of its work.

      Special Thanks! 

      Graphic Design by Dongyi Wu.
      Web Design and Photography by Daphne Wu.